Kedron is a family company manufacturing Keder type tent mounting tapes. The company was established in 2006 and has run its business in Warsaw.

We offer tapes for various applications, of any technical characteristics. We cooperate with many companies in Poland and Europe. Many years of experience in manufacturing Keder type tent mounting tapes contribute to high standard of the offered products and offering goods which match the customer needs.

We perform the tasks entrusted to us in a reliable and timely manner. We focus on the customer and customer needs, so that our products fulfil your expectations.

The objective of the company is to tailor the products to your individual needs. Therefore, we offer our engagement, high-quality service and own transport to wholesale customers.

Our offer is addressed to both the individual and the business customer. We kindly invite tarpaulin industry companies, manufacturers of tarpaulins for small trailers luggage, vans and trucks, domes manufacturers and producers of advertising banners, and all those who are in your business use the canvas as a material to co-operate with us. We can assure that our products will find application there.

Deciding to cooperate with us, you will make sure that the tent mounting tapes manufactured by us are made of the highest quality materials.

of tent mounting tapes and accessories

  • We offer the highest quality Keder type mounting tapes, tarpaulin accessories, tent mounting parts and many other products.

  • We avail of experienced, highly-qualified personnel.

  • • Any task entrusted to us is performed in a reliable and timely manner.


Keder type tent mounting tape is a PVC rail line covered with fabric, used in mounting tent halls, tarpaulins, blinds and awnings.

We offer Keder tapes manufactured by our company, with line diameters between 5.5 mm and 13 mm and fabric basis weight of 450–600 gr/m2.

Tarpaulin accessories and tools

Parts and accessories to manufacture and mount tents and tarpaulins, including eyelets, ferrules, staples, staple fasteners and hooks.

PVC products and elastic ropes

Abundant assortment, including:

  • sections applied in fishing nets,

  • tapes used in fabric display frameworks,

  • lines of various hardness, thickness, diameter and colour,

  • awning rails and sections,

  • elastic ropes to mount tarpaulins and tents.

Yours sincerely

Marcin Mamontowicz



Warsaw 20.10.2017r.